“Say Your Mind, Even if Your Voice Shakes” – Stephane P. Rousseau

“90 Sec Docs” is a video series that captures amazing people’s experiences, beliefs and inspirations and spread them out to the world. Here is its very first episode of Ajarn Stephane P. Rousseau‘s story and his experience as a refugee camp officer.

During 25 years of his experience in humanitarian, development and international cooperation, Aj. Stephane spent 8 years working as a refugee camp officer in South East Asia and the Pacific. He has shared with us  what it really is like to be in a refugee camp as well as the structure of the camp itself.


Photo Credit: Stephane P. Rousseau

Photo Credit: Stephane P. Rousseau

Photo Credit: Stephane P. Rousseau

The most coolest part of the shooting? His favorite motto:

“Say your mind, even if your voice shakes.” – Stephane P. Rousseau

He mentioned that we have to stand up for what we strongly believe in and express what is needed to be said, which can be difficult sometimes in certain situations.

Here is Ajarn Stephane P. Rousseau and his journey in refugee camps.


By Suthasiny Sudprasert(Moh)

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