3 Small steps to make the world a better place suggested by ASEAN youngsters


I have been thinking a lot about what young people can do to contribute to making our society a better place. After trying a few stuff and hope I can make positive impacts to the society, I found this program called ASEAN Youth Journalism Contest 2017 and, yup, I applied for it. Guess what, I was selected! woo!

“these lovely faces tho” by moh

the ‘lets knee’ picture

Having been exploring journalism in the past month and being accepted to participate this journalism training in Singapore is a great opportunity at the right time for me.

The internet is so fascinating and powerful as it makes everything become so easy to reach, especially information. This is the reason why I chose to make change through speaking up about what I believe in through media and online social network.

In this era where internet is almost in every part of our lives, the opportunities are endless. We are able to express ourselves and also get heard if we are doing it right. Facebook, for example, can be a tool for us to spread our words and create positive changes by delivering to people what they should and need to know. Yet, we all have to be critical with the information we pass through and also the information we receive as we can be so overwhelmed with the amount of info in our hand that we, sometimes, do not have enough time to carefully analyze it before making a decision.

Out of curiosity, I wondered what my fellow ASEAN friends think would be a step we can take to make a positive change for our society. Here are top three:


Stop being ignorant

Be the voice of the change

Use social media more critically 


Let’s hear from them!


By Suthasiny Sudprasert(Moh)


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